Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SY | 26 years... and they are still the same

"Yeah, I take my baby down to the corner and I buy him a soda-pop"
Sonic Youth "Washing Machine" ' 1995

Were on their gig yesterday night... "Good to be back here in Moscow" - Thurston Joseph Moore said. They really were here in 1989... 18 years ago... All around 50 years old post-post-post-punks were jumping, loosing their jacks, playing with pedals and amps. I am 27 years old and 44.(4) % of my life I've been waiting for this night. Now it's gone... Do not know what to say.

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Gerard said...

I went over to see them in spain two years ago, broke my ankle 3 songs in.
Stayed jiving for "Gang of Four" who were on the stage next. Good thing it was the last night of the festival.
I put up some of their more obscure stuff on my blog, just to let you now also.