Sunday, June 24, 2007

Palm Coast | Deserved Week

Back to work on Thuersday. Two weeks of vacation passed... passed hardly. Cause this time I spent my annual leave in ruins, reconstructing our kitchen. 24 hours (in sum) spent in IKEA. A day or so – on construction market. And the rest of time – separeted in one room stuffed with kitchenware, used and freshly wrapped, with the door looked from the outside by the deliberate builders. And now it just would be fatal to push me into the office. So, as far as I got my visa (it was approved but I still have no documents in hands) I'm going to prolong my leave - detination - Florida, Palm Coast... Scarcely I will find any SH record stores in there and for sure I will not be able to ripp any of the items bought, if... so, no profit for the bloggers... but at least I'll spend a few days in another dimension.


Roland Draug said...

It's a pity we haven't had a coffe then, Onki. I found your LJ with four posts. I guess you are right that blogspot is better than LJ. I have said adieu to my account there too.


We still can... I'd say I owe you a coffee already. In a week I'm back from Florida and we'll manage that... Amusing, two Russian native speakers negotiate in English.

Anonymous said...

hello Onki. few words `bout Reason thing. i use this app only for its great synth MAELSTROM and one of the best software distortion fx i ever heard SCREAM 4. i dont sequence and stuff in Reason at all. all this virtual cable routing madness and weirdo sequencer isnt for me really. workflow is very fucked up in Reason imho.

damn man! u r really crazy if ya doing all those beat glitch stuff, breaks and shit manually with logic, lol. i tried this too few years ago...i spent hours to make a simple squarepusher-like break. i just said "FUCK!" and uninstalled logic.
(anyway i decided to earn some money and buy a PROTOOLS complex for some "commercial-sellout-hiphop and so on" reason).

yeah man, you can hire me to help you with this production tips and issues.
just call me +79262834520

p.s. if u r in states now, can u do me a favour?
can u get 1 pack of KOOL cigarettes and COMPUTER MUSIC mag issue#113 for me?
it`ll be so damn kewl to get this items!



I'll be back on 7th or so and call or comment your latest post in LJ to re-wire. For sure, I'll get you KOOL... and try to find CM #113. No probs.
Thank for the feedback, man.

Anonymous said...

Ssup man. How is it?
Thanks a lot for KOOLs man!
So, just call me asap.
I`m @ work right now...planning to visit Cult Cafe this evening. Its time to soho ;)


... too lat I read it. Call you on Sunday.
I erased you previous comment containing your number... I got it in my stickies.

armeur H said...

Anyone here ? It seems to be a beautiful place, but an empty house...


Uhu... I'm here but too reraly lately. Is there anything I could help with?