Monday, June 18, 2007

Chris & Cosey | Yet Incomplete Discography

Sounds like a manifesto "Trust, Obsession, Action". Three more pieces by Chris & Cosey.

Minimal Synth, Avant Pop, Industrial...

Download C+C "Action" | LD Records ' 1987 (63.8 Mb) This is a compilation from various live performances. LP ripp. Also available on CD.
Download C+C "Obsession" | Play It Again Sam ' 1987 (29.1 Mb) Pre-released by Nettwerk as 12" as well, with two tracks cut off: "Obsession (Short Mix)" and "Metroeme".
Download C+C "Trust" | Nettwerk ' 1989 (69 Mb) I own this Canadian LP, but "Trust" was also reissued the same year on SPV Recordings and PIAS. CD versions from PIAS and Nettwerk are also available.
(All sleeves are embeded, you can see these in iTunes artwork section).

• No reason to retype all sleeves info you can easily find some on Discogs.

PS. As for this post and for the previous one containing C+C the pics had been taken from Chris Carter's stream on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post !

Anonymous said...

hi, nice blog !
all of rapidshare links are damage I'm a chris and cosey fan but i'm still looking for their albums. this blog made me a fake hopes to find and get all of this albums.
so nice to been here.
take care

ALTCERF said...

Really appreciate you posting these stuff. Thank you for all your hard work (although this is kinda late seeing you havent posted anyhting new since 2007).