Friday, June 01, 2007

Gary Allen | 19NINETY9

No uptades for a while... We (me and my wife) have travelled to Shanghai. Now we are back with a whole bunch of impressions these are slightly vapouring from day to day - work, ordinary needs, unusual heat (yesterday it was 43 degrees centigrade here in Moscow) help to make these transparent faster. So, in attempt to "keep it real" I post the Shanghai OST... no playlist, no miscellaneous assemblage of pop masterpieces of all the times - just an EP that had pierced through my head in it's "stereo" manner during our stay in China. A while ago Vdoandsound (Eric Lumbleau) wrote on Mutant Sounds: "Damaged electropop-into-mutant-funk curiosity, sounding not remotely like anything else I've ever heard." Same shit here, Eric...
Gary Allen "In White America" (This Hollow Valley Broken Jaw of Our Lost Kindom), 12''. Released on 19NINETY9 Records in 1982.
(The sleeves are not embeded, as I do not possess this release at the moment but you easily can have a look at it on MS... on the same reason there is no sleeve info in the post but MS has taken the close up of the envelope, so the info is also available there in jpeg format).

A minimal synth record? No fucking way, this is a maximal synth record. Overflowing sound pastry. An obscure pop masterpiece... "He lost control again".

Download Gary Allen's "In White America" (This Hollow Valley Broken Jaw of Our Lost Kindom) (26.5 Mb)

PS. Just wanted to ask if anyone hit on this page has got any other Allen releases, be so kind to share. Thanks.

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