Saturday, November 11, 2006

Andrea Belfi | Häpna

Two weeks ago i found this man on Häpna, one of the few. 27 year old Italian artist Andrea Belfi’s. His LP “Between Neck and Stomach“. "He’s been playing drums since he was 14, that gives you enough time to get bored of playing it the conventional way." The drummer reinterprets the instrument as the slow amorphous synth, fills the space of the track with the soft unbalanced tapping (on "Sunglass"). "Extraevil" brings more usual but still charming and illogicaly broken beat. The next three tracks architecture is even more destorted. And the last one - "footprints" is the "song" in all the meanings. What's highly amusing – "the acoustic elements and the electronic ones mingle, intertwine and sometimes switch places: the acoustic sounds are treated as they were electronic, and the actual electronic ones are played at the very moment." Hapna has been publishing an amount of carefully selected artists, has a sharp policy, and belfi is the one to give you the clear vision of this policy. Go to, get some.

Andrea's Playlist:
• Miles Davis Nefertiti (Columbia)
• Burt Bacharach Portrait in music (A&M)
• C-Schultz e Hajsch S/t (Sonig)
• Kevin Drumm e Taku Sugimoto Den (Sonoris)
• Radiohead Kid A (Parlophone)
• S.Augustin Amokhali (Family Vineyard)
• Soft Machine Third (Columbia)
• Captain Beefheart Mirror Man (Budda)
• Ielasi-Radaele-Alati S/t (Sonoris)
• Tony Conrad e Faust Outside the Dream Syndicate (Table of the Elements)

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