Thursday, November 16, 2006

Beach House | Carpark

Baltimore duo of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. Beach House on Carpark. Steady downpour.
Downloaded, been rotated for couple of days by now, had made me curious. I'd read near eight reviews before compiling this blog post to learn the subject (the modest revelation of the smatterer). Well, the debut now looks like a vintage traveler's suitcase totally pasted with the labels such as: Cocteau Twins, Young Marble Giants, Nico, Mazzy Star, Galaxie 500, Spiritualized, Slowdive.
"A penny dropping into a cup of oily water...sound of the ocean through an expensive cell phone... visions from the room of deaf... Beats are hand made from found sounds, xylophones, clanking bells, etc or taken from the heart of the organ when played live. There are no drum machines in Beach House, just simply recorded-onto-four track live drums or the pulse of the organs's heart." - an excerpt from Beach House' MySpace "Sounds Like" section.
Well, had spitted into the inadjustable identification scheme of the superior echelon critics.
"We don't consciously try to make it sound like anything else. These are just sounds that we like,"- Legrand says to Baltimore City Paper.
Pleasantly lulling to sleep homogeneity of the album, seemingly low for pop song rounds per minute, minimal amount of the tools... all forming a sharp mood piece. One mood writting=5 months in the basement studio, minimal number of over-dubbings, hyper speed. Components: opened refrens of vintage organ and delicate synths lazy oscillations paired with Alex' guitar muted slides and fingerings, Victoria's cooing and restrained dramatic vocals.
Three months of winter are yet to come...

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