Saturday, November 11, 2006

Vert | Sonig

3 "...years pass, Shibuya: "Oh hi, where do I know you from?
Wait, you're the guy I don't know", all enthusiasm gone
He said "It's kind of like a thriller that you saw & then forgot
Where you can't say who's the killer but you still know half the plot..."
- Vert, "Familiar girl"

Three years gone after "Small pieces loosely joined" was released on cologne Sonig. Still Michael Stipe look-a-like Adam Butler sits at the piano that he's used to play since 6 years old. He seems to change his wardrobe but forgot to burn his cap. And that' what is in the quote above. Well, "Some Beans and an Octopus". Shapes and shift, feedbacks, cuts junctions, samling controled errors, bitcrushes, gentely distorted drumlines supported by 8 bit sounds, notes failures and sustains - all the technical stuffing of the previous release, buched with unexpectable witty vocals. You can hardly call it as "vocals"(pardon), but you can easily call his words as "lyrics". Containg of the things you've been thinking of but couldn't give them a form, a literal shape. As for me, tricks like that have always been qualitative characteristics of the worthy reading (listening, in this case). Plus, "Some Beans and an Octopus" has been done in cahoots with musicians such as rapper Noah 23 ("definitely one of the best hip-hop albums of the year." (de:bug magazine)), turntablist DJ Elephant Power (cooking a new album on Sonig coming out in february) and a Serbian double bassist Fedor Ruskuc.

In awiting mode for the Adam's playlist, offer you the

Top 15 all-time albums for Spex magazine:
• Jelly Roll Morton, "The Library of Congress Recordings"
• Sly & the Family Stone, "There's a Riot Goin' On"
• Fun Boy Three, "Really Sayin' Something"
• Dizzee Rascal, "Showtime"
• Various, "American Primitives 2: Pre-war Revenants (1897-1939)"
• TV on the Radio, "Return to Cookie Mountain"
• Tom Waits, "Frank's Wild Years"
• Thelonious Monk, "Monk Alone"
• The Clash "London Calling"
• Roots Manuva, "Run Come Save Me"
• Prince, "Parade"
• Noah 23, "Jupiter Sajitarius"
• Mouse on Mars, "Radical Connector"
• Charles Mingus, "Blues & Roots"
• Captain Beefheart, "Trout Mask Replica"

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