Monday, October 16, 2006

Four Reverbs and Four Reverbs "PRE-SET"

"Four Reverbs" – what's that in my sidebar?
Every four days my sidebar will be updated. It's kind of a podcast or whatever... four days, four tracks, mixed together carefully. From now on... The reason is an amount of music passing by. Some stuff is old, some is off time, some have been released as single or a compilation element, some have no actual correspondence to the blog content as a full-length but contain a few brilliants. All the scarps are at 128 kbps and packed with the whole bunch of info. Well, check it out from 12.03.2006.
"Four Reverbs "PRE–SET"" – what's that?
Four Reverbs Podcast special serie marked with "PRE-SET" is a mixed result of my research in the field of pre-digital music era. Titles from early 50's to nowdays. All around musique concrète, electro-acoustic music etc. Unheralded Classics of Electronic Music. Look for updates.
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