Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tuning Shrines | Temple Records

As my survey of the wast "hauntology" array here comes the first (awaited and thoroughly prepared...) ripp from the orginal UK print dated 1984. Temple Records curated by Genesis P-Orridge and the T.O.P.Y (World Network System) are the units to thank for that homogenic piece (and my Maranz 6300+Logic Express as well=)).
• The sleeve info:
TOPY 007 Turning Shrines "Face Of Another" (12")
All titles written by TURNING SHRINES
Produced by FRED (*) for Temple Records 1984
Recorded at EUPHORIA, Boston, USA
Mastered by Steve Angel at UTOPIA, UK
Collage by ASAKO
Editor in Chief: Genesis P-Orridge
* Fred Giannelli - a member of the band. As far as I see, he was a drum programmer, sound engeneer - and this massive reverbs is a result of his FX presets=). "Fred has been producing some of the finest techno and minimal tracks as the Kooky Scientist, as well as his working with Richie Hawtin and Dan Bell on the Spawn project for Plus 8 after his early recordings with The Turning Shrines and his work on the new PTV albums". You can read irrefragable (more or less) interview with Giannelli here.
Sorry, but there is no file on two other members of the Turning Shrines: Asako and Neal... no surnames on the envelope, no any scarps on Google... anyone can help?

Strongly reverbrated guitar noises and slides, deep and muted bass lines, drum machines simple "newwavish" patterns – a minimal synth piece curated by Gen P.

Download Turning Shrines "Face of Another" (31.7 Mb)


DANGER.fellini said...

Well, I can give all the info needed on that record if you are still interested.

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Anthony said...

hey man, is there any chance to download it again?? the link is too old((((

Anonymous said...

please, reupload!