Friday, March 23, 2007

Kevin Dunn and the Regiment of Women | Armageddon Records

Third – I still count gems of mine. And the first LP I bought... Kevin Dunn and the Regiment of Women "The Judgement of Paris", Armageddon Records 1981, Atanta. Of course, I thought it was Kevin Drumm... was in such a nervous tremor, visiting the vintage LP store near by for the first time=). Thanks God, it was Dunn... First a Fan, then sole leader (and member) of a Regiment of Women.
"The Judgement of Paris" is a striking modern-music pop album by this onetime member of Atlanta's great pioneering independent band, the Fans. In reality a solo album, with lots of synths and guitars, Dunn mixes technical flash with semi-demented musical ideas, camouflaging nutty lyrics in engaging melodies and closing out the proceedings with an instrumental "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," complete with devolving rhythms." [Ira Robbins, whoever she is.]
What's so special about this release: the number of rythmic and melodical changes per time unit, the density of musical ideas for such a monotonic and moodish direction as new wave. These adroit pop tunes are made of absolutely "non-pop" stuff... it's amaizing. For exqmple, the A-Side "Creep" is so "dense", "CPM" enough and to spare, the "non-pop" effected guitar solo is absolutely unique... Listen to the drum machines – "nonconvetional" would not be exact enough. It's TR606... I think... or TR 808... programmed so uncommon, fast and almost falling out of step...well, it can take time to compose a full description, but there is no sence. Sometimes you got to just let the record speak for itself.
Get this gem, dig for more on Dunn... buy this LP if you can, write him a message on "His"Space...
Just wanted to mention, for further search... a great resource, one page only, on Atlanta area new wave bands.
If onyone has any other releases from Dunn's RW or Fans ripped or has been in time with downloading "Nadine" (his first solo 12'' containing a cover of the Chuck Berry classic and a song about the Soviet era underground comic character Oktyabrina) from CRUD CRUD, please, let me know.
• The sleeve info:
ARM3 Kevin Dunn and the Regiment of Women "The Judgement of Paris" (12")
Kevin Dunn and the Regiment of Women are: Kevin Dunn, Debbie Heidel, Lenore Thompson, Terry Coburn
Produced by Kevin Dunn except Tootsie 1produced by Bruce Baxter and Kevin Dunn
Engineered by Bruce Baxter/Recorded at Channel One, atlanta, 3.12.80 to 13.3.81
Executive Production: Danny Beard
Cover by Sean Bourne
Thanks to: Alfredo Villar for consultation on bass and backing vocal arrangements; Clark Musical Instrument Co. for sundry essential assists; etc., etc....

Once again, absolutely new wav-ish piece... unusual up to the limit.

Download Kevin Dunn and the Regiment of Women "The Judgement of Paris" (63.9 Mb)


Casa Nueva said...

...Judgement of Paris is being reissued! All of its tracks (including the UK-only cut "Tootsie 1") will be included in the upcoming anthology "No Great Lost: Songs, 1979-1985," which comes out on May 18 on the tiny Casa Nueva label!

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