Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bring Philip | Major Record Company Records

One more thing from Shanghai. I promised myself not to re-upload gemms I'd downloaded from any other site and before this upload I'd kept my promise. But this EP sounds so similar to the previous post subject and was in such a heavy rotation duiring our stay in China that I think... I'll Bring Philip "Endoscopy" ' 1983. Previously posted by Mutant Sounds and described in full caliber by Vdoandsound.
"This early 80's Aussie outfit specialized in colorful, high strung and art damaged new wave of an immediately gripping sort, with a highly studio crafted sound featuring lots of startling stereo imaging (the sort of thing that a certain crowd likes to refer to as "zolo"), but also featuring, it must be said, a strong akin to Nothing To Fear-era Oingo Boingo, right down to the highly Elfman-esque vocalese. If thats a sphincter clenching prospect for you, avert your ears, though it's a fully happy proposition in these quarters..."
(The sleeves are not embeded as you easily can have a look at these on MS... on the same reason there is no sleeve info in the post but MS has taken the close up of the envelope, so the info is also available there in jpeg format).

A maximal synth record (as well). Damaged new wave. The Gender Solution Dance.

Download Bring Philip "Endoscopy" (34.7 Mb)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this .... I don't have a record player anymore and wanted to hear it
(Simon Hunt - "Bring Philip")

Anonymous said...

nice to see we are still remembered

ilmar karuso (bring philip)

hi simon

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