Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Creel Pone and Four Reverbs "PRE-SET"

The thing was first about Creel Pone, an arcane Reykjavik formation or the one man only, Mr. P.C./C.P - an Icelandic "craftsman"... shady matter. There are some difficulties with placing the deffinition "records" after the label's name, it hardly can be called "label" at all. Creel Pone used to reissue series of LP covers and related packaging items, with everything printed as closely as possible (screenprinting method instead of CMYK process) to exact 5/12 scale including the inserts, label ephemera, booklets. In fact everything but the LP labels and the LP it's self. No sound carrier inside the first editions. "But almost immediately people wanted the missing element so I began including the music inside the sleeve on a CD-Recordable" – Creel Pone. Now each release is a limited fac-similé edition with a silver foil-stamp on the crystal-clear polypropylene compact-disc sleeve. An amaizing fact, the reproductions prime cost is higher than the everage cost they are distributed for. "It's not about money but just a way for pure and great art both in vision and sound" – citation. Found a "touching" discussion, partially dedicated to that mentioned Creel Pone's profit question, can barely believe it's not fake... worth to read.
The "missing element" and, actually, the inspiration subject is "Unheralded Classics of Electronic Music" as embossed on every foil-stamp. 1948–1981 – yes, those dates on the foil-seal as well... October 5th, 1948, the ORTF (Office de Radiodiffusion Télévision Française) broadcast Pierre Schaeffer's "Cinq Etudes de Bruits" – hailed by many as the birthdate of musique concrète and subsequently electronic music composition as we know it. Explaining the "cutoff" of 1981 let's just say that 1981 is exactly half-way between the launch of the Fairlight CMI(Computer Musical Instrument ($25,000, 16kbs... just a note) in 1979 and the Yamaha DX7, featured a whole new type of synthesis called FM (Frequency Modulation), in 1983 – both synonymous with the onset of the "digital" era... or possibly this margin date was chosen owing to E-mu's Fairlight inspired E-mulator, 1981, a sampling keyboard by Dave Rossum and Scott Wedge.
Since I've written so many letters as regards Creel Pone and it's subject of exploration, you might have understoond – I've adopted this theme for my own research... and promise to inform you on time in my Four Reverbs Podcast, special serie marked with "PRE-SET". Unheralded Classics of Electronic Music. Look for updates.

For Creel Pone's "releases" purchase go to Mimaroglu Music Sales or Volcanic Tongue.

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